Moore, Charles C.

Of the family of  9 sons of Robert and Rachel Smedley Moore, the second, Charles Carroll Moore, was born July 13, 1823.  He was raised on a farm, and went to the public schools, and later attended for 2 seasons the noted academy at Unionville, of which that distinguished educator, Jonathan Gause,  was principal.  He was married 12-3-1846, to Elizabeth B, daughter of Jonathan Wells and Elizabeth Boyer Hoffman, descendants of the Hoffman,  Boyer, and Riter families, very early settlers in West Whiteland twp, one of
whom Hoffman donated the land upon which the Grove Methodist Episcopal  church was erected.  The Boyers settled at Oakland, and the Riters in  Uwchlan

He began farming in 1847 on the farm he now owns of 126 acres, and  which he purchased on borrowed capital and paid for, as his debt became due,  entirely from the proceeds of the farm, thus demonstrating that farming does pay if carried on systematically and with the necessary will poser and  energy.  He has made many valuable improvements to his buildings and orchards.  Is a general farmer, with special attention paid to dairying..  Of his 7 children 3 are deceased - Anna Mary, Charles Henry, and J. Howard - and the other 4 are Jonathan Wells, Thomas Elwood, Susan Hoffman and Clinton  Riter.

Robert Moore in early life was a cabinet-maker and  subsequently a  farmer, and his wife, Rachel Smedley, came of a family contemporary with the settlement of the county, and whose descendants are very numerous in its borders.  The subject of this sketch has ever taken great interest in the common schools and served many years as a school director to the acceptance of the public and greatly to the advantage of educational interests. He is superintendent of the Friends' First-Day School. Is a Democrat and has always been largely identified with the politics of the county.

He is master of Grange Lodge # 53, Patrons of Husbandry, in Upper Uwchlan Twp, in the western part of which his farm is situated, with his post office at  Milford Mills.  His home is most pleasantly located in a beautiful region of  country, where, with his respected family, bountiful hospitality is  dispensed, and where, the architect of his own fortune, he resides with ease and comfort.