Andrew Moore


"Andrew Moore came from the north of Ireland in 1728, and settled in Sadsbury twp. His son, John, was born Dec 3, 1742 and died June 28, 1821. John's son, Wm, was born Sept 20 1770, and Sept 4, 1800, married Rachel Pyle. He died June 15, 1836, and Rachel, April 15, 1853. Their son, Henry, was born Oct 31, 1814, and was married Aug 27, 1841, to Sarah Cummings, of Lancaster Co, by whom he had 1 child, Lavinia P, married to Charles Huffman, of Ohio. She is now deceased [1881], leaving 2 children - Henry and Tillie. Sarah Cummings Moore died Jan 14, 1844. Henry Moore was the second time married, Oct 21, 1846, to Mary a Tillum, of West Chester, by whom he had 4 children - Henry Augustus, deceased, and the following living {1889}...Fannie T married to Alfred Clark of Lanc. Co; Rachel P, married to LEonard thomas of West Chester; Wm J, married to Mary J. Reed, of Philadelphia; Franh H. married to Mary J. McConaughey, of Philadelphia; Mary Etta; and Annie Pierce. Mr Moore spent his boyhood on a farm, and received the usual educational advantages afforded by the country schools. He had a fine farm of 100 acres, besides other properties in this county and Philadelphia. Has served as school director and has been treasurer of the township since the creation of the office. He belongs to the Society of Friends and attends the "old Sadsbury meetinghouse." The old deeds and plat show his homestead farm to have been in the Moore family since about 1736, and there has never been a vendue or a mortgage upon it, nor a judgment against it. His house was boult in 1800 and on the farm are the ruins of an old mill erected nearly 200 years before. He is a practical farmer and raises some tobacco. His post office is Alglen, on the Pa RR. His brother, Samuel, who died in New London twp about a year ago {1888}, left an estate of nearly 200 thousand dollars, including some 8 fine farms. The Moore family were Irish Friends, and their decendants in this and neighboring counties are quite numerous and well known for their thrift and intelligence."

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