James Moore

James Moore lived on an extended estate in the Townland of Ballinacree, parish of Ballymoney, County Antrim, as early as 1675. In that year he had 'taken from him for ththe, by James Cunningham, Tiehemonter under John Dunbar Priest of Bellimunny Parish, 12 stooks of Barley, 49 stooks of Oats and 7 car-loads of Hey, all worth 2 lb 13 shillings...and thus each year down to 1682, he suffered a similar loss. In 1682, the birth of a son ins thus recorded in the friends registers; John Moore, son of James and Elizabeth Moore, of Ballynacree, County Antrim. was b 6mo 9, 1682. According to the tradition in the family, the Moores came to Ireland from Cumberland, England, during the plantations of James I.

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