January 28, 1777. August 26, 1778.

Provides for wife Ann. To son Aaron the other part of messuage and

tract of 120 acres devised to me by my father (except 15 acres). To

son Sketchley brick messuage and tract to 60 acres purchased of John

Hendrickson, also 41 acres purchased of Jonas Morton, 1/2 of books and

surveying implements. To son John messuage and 60 acres purchased of

Matthias Hendricksen, also 15 acres reserved from land devised to son

Aaron. To 3 sons my marsh meadow containing about 30 acres. To

daughter Mary negro boy Joe with what she has already had. To daughter

Sarah 250 and negro boy Tom. To daughter Lydia 270. To daughter Ann

270. To daughter Elizabeth 270. Remainder to wife and 5 daughters

Mary, Sarah, Lydia, Ann and Elizabeth.

Executors: Wife Ann and son Sketchley.

Wit: James Wood, Thomas Smith.