Charles Mowry was a native of Litchfield, Providence Com, RI. where he was born in1777.  His career in Chester County as an editor and publisher  of the Temperate Zone and American Republican is given in the article on newspapers.

On his removal to Harrisburg, after disposing of the American Republican, he purchased the Harrisburg Republican, the publication of which he continued under the title of the Pennsylvania Intelligencer.  This paper he eventually disposed of to Simon Cameron, who had been associated with him as journeyman and co-partner in its management, in order that he might assume the duties of canal commissioner, to which he was appointed, and which he held during the administration of Gov. Shulze.  During his career as editor he acquired considerable celebrity as a political writer, and exercised a marked influence upon the policy of his party.  Mr. Mowry's wife was Mary, dau of George Richmond, of Sadsbury Twp, to whom he was married March 31, 1812. 

He died July 29, 1838 leaving 6 children - 3 sons, since deceased, and 3 daughters, one of whom is the widow of Samuel D. Young, and another, the youngest, the wife of Hon. David Fleming, a leading member of Harrisburg bar.