Nathaniel Newlin, son of Nicholas, was born about the year 1660, and emigrated from Ireland with his father in 1683, and April 17, 1685, married Mary Mendenhall, who came from Wiltshire, England.  He resided at Concord, and was quite a prominent person, both in the meetings of Friends and in the community at large.  In 1698 he was elected to the Provincial Assembly as a representative from Chester county and continued in that body at different times for several years.  In 1700 he was one of the committee to consider and draw up a new frame of government and to revise the laws.  He was subsequently appointed one of the proprietaries' commissioners of property and a justice of the county courts.  In 1722 he became one of the trustees of the general loan-office of the province, which position he continued to hold till the time of his death, when he was succeeded by Justice Richard Hayes.

He continued to reside in Concord as long as he lived and owned a large amount of real estate there as well as elsewhere.  A brick dwelling-house, which he erected at concord in 1699, was standing until within a few years ago *(1881).  In 1724 he became owner of over 7000 acres in one tract, since known as Newlin twp.  It was in relation to the occupancy of this tract that he had the dispute with the Indians.

Although advanced in life he married again 2-17-1729, Mary Fincher, and his death occurred in May of the same year.  His widow removed to Londongrove where she died the next year.  Nathaniel Newlin was the only son of Nicholas Newlin who left issue.  His children were (1) Jamima (2) Elizabeth (3) Nicholas (4) Nathaniel (5) John (6) Kezia (7) Mary,

1) Jamima Newlin was born 12-9-1685/8 married 10-4-1712 Richard Eavenson of Thornbury

2) Elizabeth Newlin was born 1-3-1687/8 married in 1713, Ellis Lewis of Radnor, and left 4 children - Robert, Mary, Nathaniel and Ellis.  They resided in Kennet

3) Nicholas NEwlin was born 3-19-1689 - married in 1715 Edith, dau of Nicholas and Abigail Pyle.  He became the owner of 250 acres in Birmingham which had belonged to his grandfather, Nicholas Newlin I but he continued to reside in Concord

4) Nathaniel Newlin was born 1-19---1690/1 and married in 1710/1 Jane, daughter of Richard and Jane Woodward, of Middletown.  He served in the Provincial Assembly for a number of years as a representative of Chester County.  He resided at Concord, where he died in Feb of 1731/2.  His widow died in 1737.  They left 9 children - Nathaniel, Joseph, Nicholas, Nathan, Rachel, Elizabeth, Jane, Mary and Martha.

5) John Newlin was born 12-28-1691 married, in 1711, Mary, dau of Richard and Jane Woodard of Middletown.  She was a sister of his brother Nathaniel's wife.  He died in 1753.  His widow, Mary Newlin of Concord, died 11-24-1790 having attained the great age of 101 years.  She preserved all her faculties to the last moment of her life.  They had children - Nathaniel, John, Jane, Rebecca, Mary and perhaps others.  His sons appear to have settled in Newlin twp, but their parents continued to reside in Concord.

6) Kezia Newlin was born in 12-22-1695/6 and married William Baily of Kennet.

7) Mary Newlin was born 2-2-1699 and in 1724 married Richard Clayton, of Concord.  She left no children and her property was inherited by her eldest brother, Nicholas Newlin.

Nathaniel Newlin (3) son of Nathaniel (2) married Esther MIdkiff, who survived him.  His son,   Nathaniel Newlin (4) was a member of the State Senate and of the Convention which framed the constitution of 1790.  It is sid that he was offered a seat in Congress by the dominant party on several occasions, but refused it.

Joseph Newlin, son of Nathaniel (2) married in 1740, Phebe, granddaughter of Ralph Lewis and eminent Welsh settler.  He died in 1768, his wife surviving and left his plantation to his eldest son, Ellis Newlin, who, in 1771, married Jane Mason.  They had 3 sons - Joseph, William and George.

It will thus be seen that Nathaniel Newlin (1) left 3 sons - Nathaniel, Nicholas and John; that of these Nathaniel Had sons - Nathaniel, Joseph, Nichols and Nathan; and that John had sons - Nathaniel and John.  From these the families of Pennsylvania bearing the surname of Newlin have probably all descended.