NAYLE, DEBORAH, widow. Thornbury.

October 5, 1750. August 28, 1751. C. 299.

To Nathan Dix, son of Esther Dix 20. To Esther wife of Francis Swain

20. To Joseph Maddock, son of Nathan 20 and to his daughter Deborah

10. To Phebe daughter of Simeon Taylor 5. To Jonathan, son of

Jonathan Thatcher, Jr. 5. To Nayle, son of John Woodward 20. To the

Quakers of Birmingham Meeting 5. To Henry, son of Henry Peirce 5.

To Mary, wife of Jonathan Thatcher Jr. 5. To my negro woman, Bella

30 to free her, also 25 and many articles named. To Hannah, wife of

John Dilworth 10. To Sarah Pyle, granddaughter of Esther Dix 5. To

Nathan, son of Sarah and Peter Dix, 5 and to Joseph, son of Sarah and

Peter Dix, 5. To Esther, daughter of Sarah and Peter Dix, articles

named. To Abraham Darlington and his daughter Elizabeth articles. To

John, son of John Woodward 10 and to Ann, daughter of John Woodward

and to Henry, son of same, to Amos son of same, 5 each and to Richard,

son of same, 2.10. To Rebecca Darlington 5. Test signed D.

Executors: Abraham Darlington and Edward Brinton.

Wit: Isaac Davis, David Gorman, Benjamin Hawley.

* Mentions Rachel Darlington.