John Palmer emigrated from England to this state shortly after the organization of Chester Co, and 7mo 26, 1688, purchased by patent a hundred acres in Concord twp (now Del. Co).  About this time he married Mary Suddery (Southery), dau of Robert, a fuller by trade, and late of Westbury, county of Wilts, in Great Britain.  They were originally Friends, but left the society through the defection of George Keith.  Their only son, John, Married Martha Yearsley, 4mo 9, 1714.  The 5th child of this couple was Moses, b 5mo 26, 1721, and who married 2mo 17, 1745, Abigail Newlin, and for his second wife, Abigail Sharpless 11mo 22, 1752.  Joseph, the 3rd child of Moses' end marriage , was born 4mo 21. 1759.  He married, 5mo 18, 1785, Hannah Peters, and of their 9 children Wislon, the 6th, was born 2mo 4, 1798, and married, in 1825, Ann J. Jaquette.  Of their 7 children, Rees, the 5th, was born March 5, 1834, and Eli, the 6th, Sept 10, 1835.  Rees Palmer m 2-14-1861 Mary S. Nields, dau of Daniel and Eliza Smedley Nields, and to them have been born George Jaquette, June 25, 1862; Anna Maria 12-16-1864 d July 31-1866; mary Nina 12-12-1867; Charles July 12, 1870;  Eliza D march 18, 1872; and H Ralph, April 28, 1876.  Eli, brother of Rees Palmer, was married Nov 30, 1865, to Marianna, dau of R. Baker and Susan Woodward Smedley.  Their children have been Linda B. born 1-30-1866; Alice S. May 1870; Louis M and Florence E.