PARRY JOHN. Tredyffrin.

July 22, 1747. August 15, 1747. B. 224.

To each of my sisters, viz Lettice, Elizabeth, Margaret, Mary and

Esther 5. To my cousins Margaret Davis and Margaret Williams 10 "for

their extraordinary good behavior while they lived with me." To cousin

Rowland Parry my watch. To cousin Hannah Parry my english house Bible.

To cousin Tobitha Parry an english Bible. To prentice bound girl

Abigail O'Neal one year of her time. To negro man Harry his freedom at

35 and 2 acres of land. To servant Henry McCormock one year of his

time. Remainder of estate real and personal to my brother David Parry

also executor. Witnesses: Isaac Davis, Jos. Bartholomew, John