PASSMORE, John, from the parish of Husk, in Berkshire, England, with his wife, Mary, daughter of Humphrey Buxcey, settled in Kennet, now Pennsbury, as early as 1714, afterwards removing to West Marlborough, where he died about 1746.  His brother, William Passmore, was a resident in Philadelphia, and appears to have been in good circumstances.  The children of John so far as known, were:

George Passmore married 9,10,1742, Margaret, daughter of John and Magdalen Strode, of West Marlborough, and had children,--John, George, Margaret, Mary, Thomas, Elizabeth, Margery, and Ann.  John, born 7,2,1743, married, 4,24,1765, Phebe, daughter of Joshua and Mary Pusey, of Londongrove, and had children,--Mary, Margaret, Susanna, Ellis, Margery, Hannah, Mary, Lydia, Phebe, Sarah, George, and Elizabeth.   Ellis Passmore, born 3,1,1771, son of John and Phebe, married Ruth Moore, and was the father of Phebe, Ruth, Ellis P., Andrew M., John W. (father of Col. J.A.M. Passmore, of Pottsville), George B., Benjamin J. (late associate judge), and William Passmore.

George Passmore, born 7,28,1748, died 1,17,1834, son of George and Margaret, married, 4,24,1776, Mary Pennock, daughter of Levis and Ruth, of West Marlborough, and settled in Londongrove.  Their children were Levis, Margaret, Abiah, John, William Pennock, Rachel, George Strode, Pennock, Joseph, Mary, Thomas, and Imlah, all now deceased.