Pearl Berry

Pearl Berry was born on March 12, 1885, the daughter of Rezin A. and Ellen Euphemia Morgan Berry.  Rezin was born in 1855, and lived the majority of his life in St. Clairsville, Belmont County, Ohio, where he had a wagon-making and blacksmith business.   His father was Dunham Berry, a carpenter and farmer from Richland Township, whose father, Jacob, had reportedly emigrated to Ohio from Virginia , although this is undocumented.

Rezin married Ellen Morgan, in 1877, in Belmont County;  they had 3 daughters, and lived their lives in St. Clairsville, where Rezin died in 1907 and Ellen in 1913.  They both are buried in Union Cemetery, along with many family members.

Ellen was the daughter of Amos and Caroline Huntsman Morgan who wed in 1851, Belmont County, Ohio, and had 9 daughters: Anna May(1859); Jennie; Carrie (1867); Ida; Sarah (1863); Martha (1869); Katharine; Vita Gay (1861). and Ellen.

Amos was the son of George and Catharine Jenkins Morgan who lived in Wheeling Valley, Belmont County, and had 7 children: Marshall (1813); Philip (1819); John; Sarah Ann; Levi; Susannah; Milton, and Amos.

George Morgan was a veteran of the War of 1812 and is listed in the Roster of Ohio Soldiers of the War of 1812.  He and Catharine are buried in the Wheeling Valley Presbyterian Cemetery.  George had come to Ohio as a child, when his parents Philip and Susannah Morgan brought the family to Ohio from their home in Baltimore County, MD.

Catharine Jenkins Morgan was the daughter of Mishael and Rachel Pugh Morgan, who moved to Colerain, Belmont County, Ohio, in 1803, with his family, from Hampshire County, WV.  These folks were Quakers and originally had been from Chester County, PA.  This is a page of info on the Jenkins and Pughs, and affiliated lines.

The background for this page of the gravesites of George and Catharine Morgan. George's original headstone was in pieces, vandalized, in this tiny country cemetery, and wife Catharine's was knocked down.  I obtained a new marker from the Veterans Assoc (George was a 1812 vet), used a  flat bronze one  this time, to discourage vandalism, and we set the marker and re-cemented Catharine's into place beside it.

MVC-014S.JPG (24676 bytes) Pearl Berry, before her marriage to Fred Newlin.

MVC-001S.JPG (41394 bytes) all that remains of George Morgan's original headstone after the cemetery vandalism.

  George Morgan's ancestors, after having set his new gravemarker! 

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