Joseph Phillips

The following is from THE HISTORY OF CHESTER COUNTY PA, by Futhey and Cope.

Joseph Philips was born in Wales in 1716. His wife, Mary, was born in 1710. In 1755 he came to this country with his wife, Mary, and 3 children - David, John and Josiah. A 4th, Joseph, was born after their arrival. The first place of settlement, after Joseph and Mary arrived, was near the present West Chester, but subsequently he purchased the farm later owned by Frederick Bingman, in Uwchlan, on which he built a 2 storied log house. He was a weaver by occupation, and carried on the business in the unpretentious ways of those times. As the family grew up, the business increased, until there were 3 shops, with 3 looms in each shop. Joseph Philips word the small-clothes of the olden times, buckskin breeches with buckles. His native language was Welsh, which was spoken by all the family. He was of medium height, portly in appearance. The family lived with the simplicity which then prevailed, using wooden trenchers at table. At first they attended the Great Valley Baptist Church, 13 miles distant, but in 1771, a new church - The Vincent - was constituted nearer to their homes, of which they became members at it's organization. Joseph Philips died May 18, 1792, and his wife Mary, died Dec 26, 1792. In the Revolution this family were patriots. David, the oldest son, was a captain; John was taken captive in the Jerseys, and held in confinement in the prison-ship at New York, and Josiah was a lieutenant. Davis and Joseph emigrated to the western part of PA, and settled south of Pittsburgh. David became a Baptist clergyman, and was pastor of Peter's Creek Church 40 years. He died March 5, 1829, at the age of 87. He had 13 children, and his descendants are scattered over western Pa, Ohio, Tenn and westward to the Pacific. Joseph Philips died Sept 3, 1832 at the age of 7 8. He had 5 children. For years he was a justice of the peace. John Philips settled on the old Lancaster road, near Downingtown. He had 7 children - 3 sons and 4 daughters. Some of his descendants were constituent members of the Glen Run Baptist Church, near Penningtonville, now Atglen. John Philips died May 22, 1790, at the age of 45. Josiah Philips settled on the old homestead in Uwchlan. He had 9 children - 5 sons and 4 daughters. He died March 1, 1817, at the age of 65.

PHILLIPS, JOSEPH. Uwchlan.September 21, 1790. Codicil: May 14, 1792. June 9, 1792.To wife Mary profits of my lands in Uwchlan during life, and household goods, etc., and at her decease, to my son Josiah, he paying to son David 20 gold or silver. Also to the children of son John, deceased, that is to Mary Petit, Isaac Phillips, George, Sarah, Ruth, Hannah and Joseph Phillips 5 each when 21. To son Joseph all my lands in Washington Co., paying to son David 5. Executor: Son Josiah.Wit: Samuel John, William John, David John.

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