PICKERING, Benjamin.-The Pickering family, of English extraction on the paternal and of Welsh on the maternal side, is found at a very early period in Bucks County, of this State, where John Pickering, the emigrant, settled.  His son Joseph married Ann Watson, and to them were born two children, Benjamin and Watson.  The former and eldest was born Jan. 17, 1798, in New Hope, Solebury township, Bucks co.  His grandfather, John, married Rachel Duer, had seven sons and two daughters, and died on the place be bought upon his arrival in America.  The family was ever engaged almost exclusively in agricultural pursuits.

Benjamin removed to East Nottingham township in 1840, in which year he married Jane, daughter of William and Mary Idal.  To them twelve children were born:  Charles W.; Sarah Ann m. George Smith; Mary Elizabeth, m. William Kennedy; William J.; Rachel Ann, m. John Reynolds; Martha Jane, m. Archie McFalls; and Joseph Warner, living; and the following five deceased, Mary Ann, Matilda, Stacy (all three in infancy), Emily, aged five, and Charlotte Eliza, aged eleven years.  Jane, his wife, was born Dec. 22, 1802, and died in August, 1863.  His farm of 140 acres lies about one mile from Oxford.  He began life with no means, learned the trade of a cooper, and later that of a carpenter.  By industry, economy, and perseverance he has achieved a competence.  He is esteemed as a man of sterling integrity and upright character.