PIM.-This family can be traced from Richard Pim, of Leicestershire, England, who in his old age removed to Ireland, about 1655.  His son William, with his family, also removed to Ireland in the same year.  John Pim, son of William, born in Leicestershire, married, in 1663, Mary Pleadwell, and lived at Montrath, Ireland.  He had eleven children, of whom the eldest was Moses, born 7,19,1664, who married Ann, daughter of Christopher and Philippa Raper.

William Pim, in the next generation, born at Lackah, 11,15,1692, married, 11,21,1715, Dorothy Jackson, daughter of Thomas and Dorothy.  The family came to Pennsylvania in 1730, and settled in East Caln township, where Dorothy died 1,15,1732, and her husband 10,11,1751.  He was for many years the clerk of Bradford Monthly Meeting, an elder in the church, and an active, influential citizen.

His children were Moses, b. 10,27,1716; Sarah, b. 4,23,1719, m. George Mendenhall; Thomas, b. 3,1,1721, d. 10,3,1786; Hannah, b. 4,18,1723, m. Thomas Paine; Richard, b. 10,10,1728, d. 4,12,1760; Mary, b. 6,6,1731, d. 1,30,1732.

Thomas Pim married, 10,24,1746, Frances Wilkinson, daughter of James, of Wilmington, and continued on the homestead.  His wife died 5,7,1784, aged sixty-three.  Their children were Moses, Ann (m. to John Edge), William, Thomas, Hannah, Sarah, John and Rachel.

Thomas, Jr., married his cousin Mary, daughter of Richard Pim, and was the father of Rachel, who died young; Hannah, m. to Job Remington; Sarah, m. To William Abbott; Mary, m. to Abraham Gibbons; Anne, living in West Chester, unmarried in her 90th year; and Richard, who died on the homestead in 1857, leaving children.

Richard Pim, son of William, married 2,5,1752, Hannah, daughter of Phinehas Lewis, and left four children,-John, died young; Mary, m. to Thomas Pim, Jr.; Isaac, m. to Hannah Cope, and Moses.