Joseph Pyle came from England and settled in Chester county.  Joseph, the son of Robert, had a son of that name who settled in Marlborough, between Londongrove meeting-house and the State Road.  His son James married Mary, daughter of Robert Bunnell, and to them were born the following children; Joseph; James B., married to Susan, daughter of Levi Hayes, near Unionville; Alice, married to Isaiah Faddis Mary, married to James Burdsal; Elizabeth, married first to a Mr. McLaughlin and 2nd to Aaron Pierce; Sarah, married to Christopher H. Webb; Ann; and Philena, married to Eli Hutton.  Joseph, the subject of this sketch, was born in 1794, in Marlborough twp, near Londongrove.  He was raised on the farm, and educated in early subscription schools.  He began farming in the State of Delaware, where for 17 years he was thus engaged on rented land, in which time he saved some 14 thousand dollars.  In 1840 he removed to Laurel, purchasing the "Laurel Iron-Works: and farm of 360 acres! .  The farm he leased for 3 years.  He afterwards sold the works, with 100 acres, retaining the remaining part of his property, which before his death, he had increased to some 500 acres.

He was married April 15, 1824 to Mary A.., daughter of James and Margery Mason Cloud, by whom he had 10 children, of whom the following 8 are living *(1889); Sarah, married to Daniel Ramsey; Cloud; Mary, married to Ebenezer Worth; Elizabeth Ann, married to Levis Passmore and afterwards to Charles H. Pennypacker; Philena, married to William P. Phipps; Anna Ml., married to J. Bernard Walton; Joseph,  married first to Emma Harlan and subsequently to Maggie J. McFarland; Emma L., married to Jonathan K. Taylor.  Joseph Pyle died Nov. 27, 1854 and his wife, Mary A. Cloud, Nov 1, 1880l  He served in the school board, and often in other twp positions.  Was a member of the Society of Friends and a Republican in politics, and always a zealous antislavery man.  He was a systematic farmer and universally esteemed as an upright man his dealing and deportment.  In 1844 he build a stone residence on the homestead farm now owned by his son, Cloud  Pyle, while the latter erected the brick  building on the lower place in 1860, where he now resides.  Cloud, the eldest son, was born Oct.. 27, 1826 and was married June 1, 1856, to Mary L., daughter of James and Hannah K. (Betts) McFadden of Kennet twp.  They have one living child, a son, Carleton J.

Mr. Pyle is an excellent farmer largely engaged in dairying and has one of the best farms improvements.  His residence is near Laurel Station, and post office at Mortonville.