John H Quinn, MD was the son of John and Susanna H Quin (they were married  Oct 30, 1792 at St James' Church, Perkiomen.)  His mother was a daughter of James Hemphill, of Goshen twp, Chester co.  He was born at the house of his grandfather Hemphill, Sept 3, 1793, a short time after the death of his  father.He received the early part of his education at a school in the neighborhood, and afterwards was placed under the care of Rev. nathan Caldwell Grier, pastor of the Presbyterian Church at Brandywine Manor, to
complete his English and classical education.  He pursued his professional studies in the office of Dr. Jacob Ehrenzeller, in West Chester, and after attending the lectures at the University of PA, he received the degree of Dr  of Medicine from that institution in the spring of 1814.  In the same year  he began the practice of medicine in West Chester, and continued it 4 years,  when he moved to Pottstown, Montgomery Co, but remained only a short time,
returning to West Chester.  With the exception of this brief absence from  the borough, and a short sojourn at Marshalton, Chester Co, he resided in  West Chester, attending to his professional duties until disabled by  disease.

In the year 1814 he married Jane, dau of Samuel Osborne, of Pennsbury  Twp, chester Co.  He had 4 children, all living at his death - 2 sons and 2    daughters.  The latter, Catharine Ann and Elizabeth Hemphill married twin  brothers, John and Jeremiah Colflesh, and settled in Philadelphia. 

After lingering several months with consumption he died 12-1-1823.  (this is covered in the MEDICAL REPORTER, vol ii, p 128.)