RICKABAUGH, Dr. Jacob.--Adam Rickabaugh, an emigrant from Switzerland, on the Rhine, settled in Chester County before 1767, for in that year the records show that he purchased 125 acres of land in Tredyffrin township from David Jones.  In 1771, in connection with Christian Zook, he bought of John Beaton 200 acres in Charlestown, and in 1804, 53 acres of John and Richard Penn.  Besides this last tract, located in Tredyffrin, he bought several others.  During the Revolution, on Washington's retreating from the Brandywine he passed by Adam Rickabaugh's farm, where his soldiers were fed.  Adam's son, David, the youngest of fourteen children, married Elizabeth young, daughter of Peter Young, who came to this country about the time Adam Rickabaugh arrived.  To David and Elizabeth Rickabaugh were born six children,--four sons and two daughters,--of whom the third son and fifth child was Dr. Jacob Rickabaugh, born Feb. 6, 1815, on the farm he now owns.  David died in his seventy-fifth year, and his wife in her eighty-second.  She belonged to the German Reform and he to the Mennonite Church.  Adam and David Rickabaugh were farmers and men of splendid physique.  Dr. Jacob Rickabaugh spent his boyhood on the farm and went to the neighboring subscription schools.  He also attended the famous classical school presided over by Prof. Joshua Jones, an eminent educator in this day and author of a standard work on grammar.  He read medicine with Dr. James Francis Latta, of Tredyffrin, and attended lectures at medical Department of Pennsylvania College, of Philadelphia, at which institutions he was graduated in March, 1842.  He now located at his old home in Tredyffrin, where he has since remained in active practice, succeeding his old preceptor, Dr. Latta, who died just previous to his graduation.  His practice has been large, successful. and remunerative. He married Anna S., daughter of J.S. Pound, of Walworth, Wayne Co., N.Y., by whom he has three surviving children,--David Walter, Mary Elizabeth, and Sarah Emma.  One, Anna Catharine, died in her second year.  Originally a Democrat, he has been an ardent Republican since the Kansas-Lecompton troubles of President Buchanan's administration.  His medical preceptor, Dr. Latta, was an eminent physician, and son of Rev. William Latta, D.D., pastor for half a century of the Great Valley Presbyterian Church, which Dr. Rickabaugh's family attends, and to which, as well as to that of the Mennonites, the doctor is a liberal contributor.  He has a pleasant home with beautiful surroundings.