RILEY, Richard, was born of English parents, at Marcus Hook, Chester (now De) Co, 12-14-1735.  He was appointed a justice of the peace in 1766 and was continued in that capacity until the Revolution.  When the public attention was directed to the controversy with the mother-country, Richard Riley was found with Anthony Wayne, Francis Johnston,Richard Thomas, William Montgomery and the other early asserters of American rights, attending the county gatherings of the people, to devise measures of defense.  He was one of the Provincial Conference which appointed new delegates to the Continental Congress, with instructions to vote for independence, 5 of their immediate predecessors having flinched on that momentous question.  When Chester co was divided in 1789, Mr. Riley was elected to the Legislature from the new county, and continued 2 years.  He was afterward appointed associate judge of Delaware County, and died Aug 27, 1850, in his 85th year.