RYANT, Charles, of Concord, became a member of the Concord Meeting 3-2-1752 by request and married Ann Chamberlain, dau of John and Lettice, of Aston, 5-27-1752.  The name as recorded at this time was Reyon.  By this marriage there were 2 children - Lettice, who married Abraham Darlington, Jr and Elizabeth, who married Charles Dilworth 4-22-1790.  Charles Ryant, now of Goshen, married Hannah Sharples, widow of Nathan, of Goshen, and daughter of Joseph and Martha Townsend, of East Bradford.  They had 2 children - Ann born 1-13-1759 who married Caleb Haines, and Nathan, b.8-27-1762 who died young.  They lived on the Sharples farm in what is now West Chester, for several years.  Hannah died 12-31-1790 and he married again 9-22-1791 Mary Carrell, but his further history is unknown.