SAUER, Christopher, was born in 1693, and came to America in the fall of 1724, from Baasphe, in Witgenstein, Germany, and proceeded to Germantown, now part of Philadelphia.  He was a man of great note in the printing and publishing business.  He published in 1743, a magnificent quarto edition of the Bible in the German language, and no copy of the bible in English was printed in America until many years afterwards.  he was a great scholar, and the pioneer of his day in the publication of books, almanacs, hymn-books, Bibles, etc.  His son, David Sower, born in 1764, was a well-educated man, who was many years in the printing business, and published (among other papers) the Norristown 'Gazette,' the issue of which of Dec. 20, 1799, contained an elaborate account of Washington's death.