SCOTT, Abraham, of West Nottingham, died in 1749, leaving sons Abraham, Hugh, Josias, Samuel, and Thomas.

Thomas Scott died in 1757, leaving children - Philip, Thomas, Rebecca, who married Charles Ramsey in 1776 and perhaps others.  James Scott, a son or grandson of Thomas, lived on the east side of Big Elk, at what is known as Tweedville.  He was killed by a fall from a tree in 1812, leaving 3 or 4 daughters, and sons Thomas, James and Philip, who lived for several years at the homestead.

Thomas now lives at Lewisville, and has been an active local politician.  Philip Scott, son of the first Thomas, above named, was a justice of the peace and known as Squire Scott.  He lived between Hickory Hill and Oxford and died at the age of 84 years.

John Scott, Esq, lived in New London in 1756 and was probably a son-in-law of Robert Hodgson.PA