SEAL, ANN POLIS. Westtown.

September 8, 1785. January 16, 1786.

To my husband John Polis Seal 13.4 per annum during life. To my

brother Daniel Mercer 20 shillings. To brother Robert Mercer 20. To my

late sister Hannah Yearsley's children 50, that is 6.5 to each of

them, Lydia Smith, Robert, Isaac and Thomas Yearsley, Ann Eavenson,

Hannah, Patience and Nathan Yearsley, to be paid them at decease of my

husband. To sisters Mary Matlack and Patience Smedley and brother

Thomas Mercer, 50 each. To negro Hannah 9. Executor: Brother Thomas

Mercer. Wit: Benjamin Johnson, Joseph Cock, Moses Cock.

John Polis Seal's power to his wife dated September 8, 1785, recorded.