Seal, Wm. supposed from England, settled in Birmingham, and married 8-31-1718 Hannah, dau of Joseph and Hannah Gilpin, of that township. He died in 1742, and his widow and the eldest 2 of his children in 1746.  Their children were:

William and Susanna Seal had children: William, Joseph, Caleb, Benjamin, Hannah, Rachel, Thomas and perhaps others.  He died 10-9-1769.  Caleb and Lydia Seal had the following; William, Thomas, Joshua, Thomas (2) Sarah, Hannah, Caleb, Hannah (2), Lydia, Rachel, William (2) and Caleb (2).  The descendants of these are to be found in Wilmington.  William Seal (3) married Mary Hung and lived in Birmingham.  His children were William , Jesse, Thomas, M.D., b. 10-15-1785 (father of Thomas F. Seal, of Unionville), Eli, Joseph, Benjamin, Susanna, and Sidney.