John Shafer, of German descent, married Elizabeth Merkle, by whom he had:

Samuel Shafer, the eldest son, was born in Pottstown.  He married, 10-1812, Martha McClintock, widow of James and dau of Col Thomas and Ann Hunter Bull. She was born 2-20-1779, and died 3-12-1850;  By her first marriage, 8-4-1799, she had 3 children:

The last named was married 8-2-1831 to Joseph Neide, Esq, being his first wife.   The children of Samuel and Rebecca Shafer were:

Rebecca Shafer married 2-9-1837 Joseph Neide being his 2nd wife. Elizabeth married Addison  May, Esq, and died in West Chester.   Samuel Shafer was commissioned as associate judge of this county 3-8-1849 and in 1851 was elected to the the same office and commisioned Nov 10th, for the term of 5 years.