Sharp, Joseph W.- In 1857, about the time the Pa Central RR began to put local trains on its road, Mr. Sharp built his elegant residence.  It was one of the first handsome residences erected in this county on this road.  The facilities in the past 20 years afforded by the RRs have enabled Philadelphians to come out, purchase lands, and construct valuable and beautiful edifices.  In that period of time the habitation along the various net-work of RRs have largely changed, and instead of the old-style farm dwellings, uncouth and uncomfortable, large and elegant residences have been erected.  Mr. Sharp's land has been in his family since 1839, when purchased by his father.  It is situated in Easttown township, about 1 mile south of Berwyn Station, 17 miles from Philadelphia.  Mr Sharp, when he built his residence, was in business in Philadelphia.  His farm of 235 acres is located in a beautiful region of the country, and his building improvements are fitting types of the social progress made in rural architecture in the last few years.