SIDWELL, Hugh, with Elizabeth, his wife, came from Letcomb Regis, in Berkshire, England, and settled in West Nottingham, where he died in the summer of 1729, leaving sons Richard, John, and Hugh.  To the first he devised the homestead, on which were a brick house and barn.  Richard, born at Letcomb Regis, 2,9,1704, died 9,10,1740.  Hugh Sidwell, Jr., died 9,8,1740, leaving wife, Anne, and children,-Henry, Richard, Hugh, born 7,25,1725; Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Ann, Joseph, and Mary.

John Sidwell had a daughter Mary, who married Richard Griffith, 10,6,1738, and a son Hugh, who married Hannah Berry 8,28,1741.

Richard Sidwell, son of Hugh and Ann, married 8,4,1744, Anne Job, and was the father of Elisha, Job, Lydia, and Abraham.  The last, born 1755, married, 6,10,1789, Hannah Brown, daughter of Joseph and Hannah.  Abraham died 10,12,1836, and his wife 8,28,1820.  Their son Richard, born 4,4,1790, died 10,29,1866, married Mary, daughter of William and Alice Griffith, and had children,-Reuben, Hannah (married Owen Ressler), Stephen, Sarah, Ruth and William.

Hugh Sidwell (3), son of Hugh and Ann, born 7,25,1725, married, 1,7,1750-1, Anne, daughter of Joseph Haines, of West Nottingham.  Their son Job, born 10,11,1768, married, 11,4,1790, Rebecca Wilson, daughter of Benjamin and Lydia, of East Nottingham Md.  Job and Rebecca lived in East Nottingham, Chester Co., and had the following children:  Esther, b. 8,23,1791; Oliver, b. 8,22,1793; d. Oct. 6, 1870; Joseph, b. 4,14,1795; Nathan, b. 6,8,1797; Rebecca, b. 9,1,1799; Job, b. 6,29,1801, d. 1877; Anne, b. 5,2,1803; Wilson, b. 10,20,1805; Lavina, b. 3,31,1808.  Of these, Oliver was the father of Oliver Sidwell, Esq., of the Chester County bar.