Isaac Spackman, a worsted-comber, was from a small village called Hankerton, near Malmsbury, in Wiltshire, where he died ca 1746. leaving a widow, Esther, and 7 children in straitened circumstances.    In 1750, William Beale, who had settled in Whiteland, Chester Co, a brother of the widow, visitedEngland and brought 4 of the children - Thomas, Mary, Elizabeth and Isaac - back with him.  They were bound out to service for  a length of time to pay for their passage.  Their brother George also came over some years later and lived in Wiomington.  The children of Isaac and Esther Spackman were:

Thomas Spackman married Jane Wollerton and settled in East Bradford in 1761.  He built a mill in that year on Valley Creek, now belonging to Alfred Grubb, and left children - George, Isaac, Hester, Thomas, Sarah, Daniel, Rachel, Elizabaeth and Mary.  Their son, Thomas, married Deborah Cope  3-19-1795. amd was the father of George Spackman, now deceased, and others.

Isaac Spackman married, 4-21-1768, Susanna Clayton, of West Bradford,  and settled in East Caln.  His children were George, ann, James, Isaac.  Mary, m to Wm Davis; Susanna m to John Michener; Thomas and Edith.

Of these, Thomas was the father of Isaac S packman, secretary of the Chester County Mutual Fire Insurance Co.  Those of the family who came from England, with the exception of Thomas, became Friends after their affival in this country.