STARR, John, whose father is said to have served in the Parliamentary army as a captain of infantry, and afterwards removed to Ireland, resided at Oldcastle, in the county of Meath.  By Mary, his wife, he had children,-John, b. 7th mo. 1674; James, b. 10,28,1676; George, b. 2,16,1679; Mary, b. 7,15,1682; Elizabeth, b. 9,12,1684; Susannah, b. 9,23,1686; Jeremiah, b. 8,17,1690; Moses, b. 8,27,1692; Isaac, b. 9,23,1697.   Of these, James, with Rachel his wife, came to Pennsylvania in 1712, and settled in New Garden, afterwards removing to the site of Phoenixville. Jeremiah married, 11,10,1716, Rebecca Jackson, b. 3,25,1697, daughter of Isaac and Ann, and towards the close of the year 1717 came to Chester County and settled in Londongrove, a little northwest of Avondale.

Moses Starr married, 6,2,1715, at Oldcastle meeting, Deborah King, daughter of Merrick King, of that place.  They came over with Jeremiah and his wife, and after a time removed to Maiden Creek, Berks co., of which county he was the first, and for a time the only, representative in Assembly.

Isaac Starr, the youngest brother, also came over, and married 12,20,1723, Margaret, daughter of Thomas Lightfoot, by whom he had several children.

Of Jeremiah's six children, Moses married Sarah, daughter of Michael and Hannah (Maris) Harlan, 3d mo. 19, 1760, and had four children, of whom Jeremiah was born 9th mo. 16, 1762.  He married Anne, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Whitson, of Sadsbury township.  He died 3d mo. 12, 1816, and she 5th mo. 4, 1818.  Of their six children, Jeremiah, born 7th mo. 5, 1798, married Mary, daughter of Eli and Sarah (Scarlett) Thompson, 10th mo. 11, 1827.  She was born 5th mo. 15, 1810.  He died 4th mo. 17, 1876. Of their seven children, Charles Thompson, the youngest, was born 8th mo. 23, 1846, and married Emma F., daughter of William L. Chandler, of New Garden township, 9th mo. 9, 1874.  Their three children were William C., Lilian, and Chester Thompson.

Jeremiah Starr, the emigrant, settled in Londongrove Township, his son Moses in New Garden, about 1760, on a tract of two hundred and eleven acres, on which his son Jeremiah lived, also Jeremiah, son of the last, and on part of which (forty-eight acres) Charles T. Starr resides.  His house was built by his father in 1823.  The mother of Charles T. was a granddaughter of John Scarlett, who married Mary, daughter of Joseph and Mary Dixon.  John was the son of Nathaniel Scarlett, who married Hannah Dutton.  Nathaniel was a son of Humphrey Scarlett. Charles Starr is the proprietor of the "Pleasantville Green-houses," in New Garden township, two miles from Avondale, on the Philadelphia and Baltimore Central Railroad.  He is one of the most successful florists in the State, and especially noted as a tube-rose-grower.  He makes a specialty of carnation pinks, which, with his other innumerable varieties, he ships by mail to all parts of the country.  His plants and bulbs, put up in small packages, are usually transported through the mails.  From small beginnings he has extended his green-houses and establishment to large proportions, and does annually an extensive business.