Wm Steele settled in Lancaster Co in 1750.  His wife was a Kerr.  Their children were Archibald, John, Wm and James.  The 4th son, James, was several times a member of the Legislature, and during the war of 1812 he held the responsible position of inspector-general of the Pa State troops.  His zeal as an officer and integrity as a man made him universally beloved by all who knew him.  HE resided at Steelvillek in West Fallowfield twp, Chester Co, and gave name to the village.  Here his son, Franklin Steele, was born May 12, 1814.  Gen. Steele died in 1844. 

In 1837, Franklin Steele visited the Falls of St. Anthony, and from that period he was closely identified with the history and interests of the Upper Mississippi.  In April of 1843 he married Annie E. Barney, a granddaughter of the distinguished Commodore Barney of Rev. fame, and a daughter of Hon. W.C. Barney, of Baltimore.  For many years they resided at Fort Snelling, and afterwards in Minneapolis.  He became one of the leading citizens of that section of the country, and on the occasion of the election of Gen. Shields to the U S Senate, Mr Steele came within one vote of receiving the nomination in caucus.  Her amassed a large fortune and was ever liberal to all enterprises deserving of encouragement'  HE was considered the wealthiest man in Minnesota.  At one time he owned Fort Snelling reservation and the entire site where the city of Minneapolis was built.  He died Sept 10, 1880.  His brother, Dr John Steele, and 3 sisters reside in Minneapolis.  One of his sisters was the wife of Gen H H Sibley, at one time Gov. of Minnesota.