STRODE, George, of the parish of Millbrook, in the county of Southampton, England, grocer, was a purchaser of 500 acres from William Penn, July 25, 1682.  He came over soon after, and his land was located in Concord township.  He appears to have been in some connected with the Green family of that township.   George Strode, of East Bradford, "being antient," died about 1757, and probably a son of the first named.

His children, so far as known, were: George, John, and William.

John was the father of Richard, b. March 7, 1742, d. 5,22,1814.  Richard married Sarah Hickman, 12,28,1763, daughter of Francis Hickman of Thornbury, and was the father of Mary, Joseph, Caleb, Francis, Ann, Richard, John, and Moses Strode, who all died young except Joseph and Richard.

Joseph married Esther, daughter of Joseph and Edith Cheyney, born Dec. 8, 1768, died March 31, 1827.  He was born Oct. 22, 1766, and died May 10, 1827, leaving children,-Caleb, Sarah, Joseph C., Edith, Ann (m. to Lewis Levis), Martha (now wife of Caleb Brinton), and Esther, all now deceased, and without issue, except Martha Brinton.