TEMPLE, William, came from England in 1714, and married, 1,18,1725, Hannah,
daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth Taylor, born 7,7,1708, died 1,5,1768.  He
settled in Kennet, now Pennsbury, near his father-in-law, and died about
1775.  Their children were Thomas, b. 10,10,1725, m. Jane Brinton; Hannah,
b. 9,14,1727, m. Isaac Miller; Susanna, b. 9,8,1730, m. William Seal;
William, b. 2,3,1733; Elizabeth, b. 1,27, 1735, m. Benjamin Hutton; Lydia,
b. 5,2,1737, m. Caleb Seal; Sarah, b. 12,25,1740-1, m. John Pyle; Alice, b.
9,17,1743, m. Benjamin Jones; Benjamin, b. 12,3,1745-6, m. Hannah Jones.
  Thomas Temple was a justice of the peace and a member of Assembly, a good
penman, and useful citizen.  His children were Joseph, William, Thomas,
Mary, Samuel, Caleb, Edward B., and Jane.  He died 6,21,1808, and his wife,
the daughter of Joseph and Mary Brinton, died 4,27,1799.