Alexander Trimble

from THE HISTORY OF CHESTER COUNTY PA, by Futhey and Cope;

Alexander Trimble married June 20, 1754, Eleanor Rogers of Abington, PA, and died prior to 17 69; was a member of the 2nd Presbyterian Church of Philadelphia. His son, James, born in Philadelphia, June 19, 1755, became a clerk in the land office about 1770 and deputy secretary of the Commonwealth 1777, a position he retained till Jan 14, 1837, being a faithful and highly efficient officer. He married, April 22, 1782, Clarissa, widow of John Hastings, and daughter of ___ Claypoole; and died Jan 26, 1837. Of their eleven children, only 2 survived him - Dr James Trimble, who died in Huntington Co, 1838, and Thomas R Trimble, who died in Chester Co, 1868.

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