Henry Trimble

from HISTORY OF CHESTER COUNTY PA, by Futhey and Cope;

"Henry Trimble married 11-21-174-, at the 1st Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, Mary Lewis, probably of Haverford. He died in Ridley, November, 1772, and by will directed his burial to be by the side of his wife, in Friends' graveyard at Haverford, to repair the wall for which he gave 10lb. To St James' Church, Kingsess, he gave 30lb, and to John Crosby, Jr, coroner, 100l;b. His son Lewis inherited the plantation, 370 acres, in Ridley, and his grandson, Abraham Trimble, another in Providence. Lewis married, Dec 15, 1760, Margaret Edwards, a member of Providence meeting, and she was disowned therefor, 9-24-1762. They had children Alice, Mary, Abigail and perhaps others."

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