Urner, Isaac N - The Urner family came originally from canto Uri, in Switzerland, and as the name applies, the inhabitants of canton Uri became called Urners, as all who read Schiler's "Wilhelm Tell" know.  Three brothers, John, Martin and Jacob, sons of Uriah Urner, came from the province of Alsace, having been driven out of Switzerland by the persecutions of 1672 and later.  They probably came over about 1708, as the Colonial Records show them to have been here in 1712.  John died unmarried in 1743, and was the first person buried in the Brethren graveyard of Coventry. Martin URner and his wife were 2 of the first 6 persons ever baptized by the Brethren in this country, in the Wissahickon, at Philadelphia, in 1723.  In 1724 he moved to Coventry, in this county, organized the Coventry Church of the Brethren, over which he presided as preacher and bishop until the time of his death, in 1755, and was buried in the Coventry graveyard.  His descendants are now found in Nottingham Co, Va, as well as in the states of Missouri and New York.  The third brother, Jacob, settled originally in Pottsgrove twp, near Ringing Hill, in Montgomery Co.  He died young, in 1744, his wife, Ann, surviving him, with 3 children, viz.; Elizabeth Urner, married to Jacob Frick; Heather, married to Ulrich Switzer; Martin, married to Barbara Switzer.  This Martin URner bought the farm of his uncle Martin Urner at the latter's death, which had been purchased by the first Martin Urner in 1718 of the Penns.  This farm, of over 400 acres at the time of its purchase from the Penns, now called "Belwood" is now owned by the wife of the subject of this sketch, and has never been out of his family and that of his wife, the property being held from 1718 to 1811 by the URners, and from 1811 to the time of the purchase by the present owner by the Stovers, grandfather and uncle of Mrs. Eliza G. Urner.
         Martin URner, last named, was the second preacher and bishop of the Coventry Brethren's Church from 1755 to 1799.  This Martin Urner left 4 children; Martin, Johas, Mary married to David Reinhart, of Maryland; Elizabeth, married to Abraham Titlow, of Lancaster County.  Martin, the first son, above mentioned, was born in 1762 and died in 1838.  He was a farmer and married Barbara Baugh, lived in Coventry and left 4 sons; John, Daniel, Israel and Jacob.  John the first child was born in 1784 and died in 1827.  He married first Susanna Grubb, and second Elizabeth Grubb, and his children by the second marriage were; Lydia, m to Gilbert Brower; Isaac N. Urner.  Jonas Urner, above mentioned and son of Martin URner (3) removed to Md in 1811, where many of his descendants are now living.  Among them is Milton G. Urner, a member of the 46th and 47th Congresses.  Daniel, Israel, and Jacob, sons of Martin Urner (3) have left numerous descendants in Pennsylvania and elsewhere.   Isaac N. URner, son of john and grandson of Martin Urner (3), was born June 6, 1821, in north Coventry, on the old Urner homestead.  He graduated at Dickinson College in 1845, and was married to Eliza Stover Grubb.  He lived 21 years in the south, being admitted to the bar in Charleston, SC in 1850, but never practiced law.  He was presiding of Mississippi College, the Baptist college of that state, for 16 years, form 1851-1867.  After resigning his connection with that institution, the degree of LLD was conferred upon him by the trustees as a recognition of his services.  To Mr and Mrs Urner 3 children have been born; Louis Grub b. 10-10-1854; Walter Hillman b 10-9-1857 and who died in infancy; and John Randolph, b. 8-21-1861.  At the recent executor's sale of the late Owen Stover, deceased, the old Urner homestead, called "Belwood" was purchased by Eliza G. Urner, wife of Isaac N and the family for several years past have lived and are now residing on the place, one fo the finest and best improved farms in the county.