WANGER.-The ancestor of the Wanger family in this country was Heinrich,
or Henry, Wanger, who owned a farm in Hanover township, (then) Philadelphia
Co., for which he paid quit-rent prior to 1750.  He died in 1781, and is
buried in the Mennonite graveyard in East Coventry.  His children were
Johannes, Margaret, Abraham, and Anna.
  Johannes (or John) Wanger purchased a farm then described as in
"Coventree" township, Chester Co., now in Union township, Berks Co., where
he lived until 1778, when he sold it to his son Abraham.  John Wanger died
Jan. 6, 1803.  His children were Abraham, Jacob, Magdalen, Elizabeth,
Hannah, Magdalene, John and Samuel.
  Abraham had one son,-Abraham,-who lived to have issue.  He married Mary
Berge, and had ten children,-Susan, who died young, Susanna, George, Henry,
Peter, Elizabeth, Rebecca, Mary, Abraham, and Annie.  George married
Rebecca Price and was a well-known farmer of North Coventry.  He died Dec.
30, 1876.  He was a zealous worker in the anti-slavery cause, having made
his house a station on the Underground Railroad.  He was also actively
engaged in working in the temperance and other reforms.  Four of his
children are living,-Irving P., now district attorney of Montgomery County,
Newton, George F.P., and Joseph P., the last three living at the old
homestead in North Coventry.  Abraham is a well-known member of the Chester
County bar, and was district attorney from 1872 to 1875.  Rebecca married
William B. Stanford, a merchant of Pottstown; Mary married Harman Prizer;
and Annie married Howard D. Reinhart.  Mr. Prizer and Mr. Reinhart are
well-known enterprising East Coventry farmers and dairymen.
  The Wanger family have ever been identified with the intelligent people
of the State, and have always been noted for their integrity and usefulness
as citizens.