WATT, DAVID, SR. Oxford.

December 27, 1792. January 21, 1793.

Provides for wife Susanna. To son David 1/2 of plantation I now live on,

100, etc. To son John tract of land he now lives upon, and to his 6

children 5 each. To son-in-law James Reed 1 dollar. To grandson David

Reed my tract of land on Warrior Run, Northumberland Co. at 21, with

rev. to the other children of daughter Jennet Reed and to daughter

Jennet 5. To daughter Martha Cunningham negro wench Sal. To grandson

David Cunningham 25, and to daughter Martha's other children, John,

Elizabeth and James 5 each. To son-in-law Thomas Douglas 1, and to

daughter Susanna Douglas 50, etc. Remainder to 5 children, David, John,

Martha, Jennet and Susanna. Excutors: Son John, William Ramsey, Jr.

Wit: Philip Scott, Matthew Ewing, Samuel Ewing.