WAY, Robert, appears as a witness at Chester Court 10th mo. 1686.  In
1691 he purchased 150 acres on Brandywine, in Kennet, now Pennsbury
township, where he died in 1725.  His wife, Hannah, was the daughter of
Francis and Elizabeth Hickman, and their children were John, Robert,
Joseph, Jacob, Elizabeth, Francis, Caleb, Joshua, James and Benjamin.
  John was born 9,15,1694, and died 8,21,1777., married Ann, daughter of
John and Margery Hannum, of Concord, and settled near his father.  His
children were as follows:  Robert, b. 10,27,1725; Sarah, b. 8,8,1727, m.
James Miller; Betty, b. 7,2,1729, m. Jacob Brown; John, b. 4,9,1730, m.
Hannah Marshall; Ruth, b. 3,19,1745, m. John Baldwin; Caleb, b. 11,30,1732;
Rebecca, b. 7,16,1735, m. Abraham Taylor; Jacob, b. 10,19,1737; Lydia, b.
5,2,1740; Ann, b. 3,23,1742, m. Samson Babb; Rachel, b. 6,11,1749, m. Isaac
Larkin; Benjamin.
  Jacob Way married Sarah Hannum, sister to his brother's wife, and after
her death married Hannah, daughter of William Harvey, 4,10,1741.  His third
marriage was 6,18,1767, to Lydia (Sharples) Vernon.  His children were, as
far as known, John, b. 12,5,1727; Ann, b. 4,25,1730, m. Jesse Taylor; Ruth,
b. 12,4,1733, m. John Bennet, of Birmingham; Jean, b. 1,11,1736, m. ____
Logan; Joseph, b. 3,23,1737, m. Prudence Larkin; Sarah, b. 8,7,1739, m.
John Hawk; James, m. Hannah Marshall; Rachel, m. to Thomas Harry; Betty, m.
to Stephen Hayes; Hannah; Amos; Phebe, m. to John Holohan.
  Jacob purchased the homestead from his brother Joseph in 1728, the latter
having received a deed for it from their father just before his death in
1725.  Joseph's wife was Sarah Pyle, and he had children,-Susanna, Joseph,
Samuel, Sarah, William, and Nicholas.
  James Way, son of Robert and Hannah, was a blacksmith, and lived in
Thornbury at the time of his marriage 4,8,1738, to Mary Kerlin, daughter of
Matthias, of Concord.  They afterwards settled in West Caln, and in 1742
began tavern-keeping at "The Wagon," now Wagontown, and continued till
about 1755.  James left one son, William, who died in his minority.