WEBB, Richard, a settler in Birmingham, 1704, came from the city of
Gloucester to Philadelphia in 1700.  His wife, Elizabeth, a noted minister,
had visited this country in 1697-98, and in 1710 paid a religious visit to
her native land.  (See also Birmingham Meeting, p. 234)
  Richard Webb died in 1719.  He had been a justice of the peace and an
active citizen.  His children were William, m. 1,22,1709/10, to Rebecca
Harlan, and died about 1753; Mary, m. 1713, to George Brown, afterwards to
John Willis, Jr., and Thomas Smith, died 1743; Esther, m. 1718 to Jacob
Bennett; Sarah, m. to William Dilworth; Daniel, m. 9,8,1727, to Mary
Harlan; Benjamin, m. 1725, to Rachel Nicklin; Elizabeth, d. young; James,
b. 11,19,1708/9, d. 10,26,1785, married three times, and removed to
Lancaster County.
  William Webb settled in Kennet, and was an active man in public affairs,
a justice of the peace, and for many years a member of Assembly.  His son
William, born 11,13,1710, married 9,23,1732, Elizabeth, daughter of Daniel
Hoopes, of Westtown, and had children,--William, b. 9,26,1736, d. 6,7,1773,
m. Sarah Smith; Stephen, b. 12,23,1738, d. 9,8,1787, m. Hannah Harlan,
9,17,1766; Rebecca, b. 5,25,1741, d. 7,22,1775, m. Benjamin Taylor;
Ezekiel, b. 6th mo., 1747, d. 5,26,1828, m. Cordelia Jones and Elizabeth
Hollingsworth; Jane, m. to William White, Jr.
  With Richard Webb came his sisters Mary and Rachel, unmarried, who lived
among their relatives here.  John Webb produced a certificate to
Philadelphia Monthly Meeting 12,28,1700, from Gloucester quarterly Meeting,
held 6,27,1700, as did also Richard Webb, but we know nothing further of
him.  John Lea, wool-comber (baptized July 12, 1674) late of the parish of
Christian Malford, in the county of Wilts, son of John and Joane Lea, of
the same place, was married 12,1,1697, at Gloucester Meeting, to Hannah
Webb, of the latter place, widow of Joseph Webb.  These also came over at
the same time as Richard and John Webb.  The children of Joseph and Hannah
Webb were Hannah, b. 3,31,1687, m. Nathaniel Allen; Mary, b. 9,26,1688, m.
Edward Pilkington; Ann, b. 8,12,1691; Sarah, b. 3,21,1693, buried in
Philadelphia, 5,2,1714; Joseph, who died before 1735, leaving
children,--Hannah, Joseph, and Sarah.