WISTAR, Caspar, son of Hans Casper Wister, was born at Hilsbach, Germany,
in 1696.  Although prospective heir to a competency, he determined to come
to America and seek his own fortune, leaving the paternal estate to younger
members of the family.  He arrived at Philadelphia Sept. 17, 1717.  He
married Katherine Johnson, May 25, 1726; and had seven children,-Richard,
Margaret, Katherine, Joshua, Rebecca, Sarah and Caspar.  He brought to this
country a revolving double-barreled gun, which is preserved by his
descendants.  Not understanding the English language or pronunciation, he
changed the terminal letters of his names from 'er' to 'ar.'  A younger
brother, who followed him to this country, retained the original spelling
of Wister, and their respective descendants are distinguished by this
  Caspar Wistar, Jr., born Feb. 3, 1740, married, Nov. 7, 1765, Maria
Franklin, and had five children,-Thomas, Catharine, Sarah, Mary, and John,
probably all born in New York.
  About the year 1784 this family came to Chester County and settled on a
farm on the Brandywine, lately owned by John Entriken, deceased.  They were
here members of Birmingham Friends' Meeting.  The ford and bridge at this
place were long known as Wistar's.  Caspar died 10,31,1811, his son Samuel,
11,26,1812, and Thomas, 7,30,1814.  Sarah was married to George Pennock,
10,14,1790, and Catharine F. to Abraham Sharpless, 12,16,1802.  On the day
appointed for the marriage of the daughter Sarah a violent storm raised the
Brandywine so much as to prevent crossing to the meeting-house.  The
dwelling-house being small, a meeting was held in the barn of Caspar
Wistar, and the marriage solemnized there