Richard Woodward, son of Robert of Rockland Manor, New Castle Co, Del and Birmingham, Chester Co, married, in 1705, Mary, the only heir of Henry Nayle, of Thornbury, and at his death left 7 children; Henry, John, Richard, Thomas, Deborah, Mary and Alice.  Of these, Thomas was married Oct 26, 1745,
to Elizabeth Jacobs, relict of John Jacobs and daughter of Roger Kirk and Elizabeth Richards, at East Nottingham Meeting.  Thomas was born Nov 7, 1722-23 in East Bradford and died June 15, 1785, and his wife, Elizabeth was born Feb 15, 1721 and died Jan 25, 1812.  Roger Kirk, from Lurgan, North Ireland, was among the pioneers of Nottingham and located in East Nottinghamas early as 1712 and purchased large tracts of land.  He married Elizabeth
Richards about 1714, the daughter of Nathaniel and Mary Richards, of Ashton twp.  Nathaniel was a blacksmith, and her grandfather was Jospeh Richards, who with his wife Jane came from England and settled in Chichester twp, now Del Co.  Richard conveyed to Thomas Woodward 12-12-1740, 100 acres in East Bradford.  Thomas was a Friend, member of Concord MM and obtained his
certificate of removal to New Garden MM, dated 4-5-1749, which was about the  time he settled in East Marlboruough, and became a member of Londongrove Particular Meeting.  He resided on Street Rd, 1 3/4 miles from the meeting house.  He was engaged in bookbinding, also in surveying and conveyancing. He held negro slaves but after hearing John Woolamn, a noted preacher of
Friends and an antislavery man, preach against the sin of human bondage, he liberated them.  Thomas had children; Rebecca, Elizabeth, Samuel, Thomas, Deborah, Thimothy and Susanna.