Francis Yarnall

From THE HISTORY OF CHESTER COUNTY PENNSYLVANIA, by Futhey and Cope; "Francis Yarnall of "Stone Creek head" and Hannah Baker were married in 1686, and lived for some time in Sprinfield twp, but he died in Willistown in 1721. Prior to his marriage he was a member of Darby MM and afterward, of Chester. "

From; THE BAKERS OF SISSINGHURST AND OTHER RELATIVES, by McCullough " The passenger list of the ship "Bristol Comfort which arrived in Delaware River 78 mo 28, 1683. He and his brother Philip first settled in Springfield and for several years were members of Darby MM. Francis' land was deeded to him 10 mo 17, 1683. Acording to Chester Records "64, 182, Fr4anciw was granted warrant for 100 acres 6 mo 1683, in Springtown. 50 acres of this he sold to George Maris, and in the same year, 1685, he married Hannay Baker, who died in 1743, sister of John and Joseph Baker of Edgmont."

abstract of Francis' will.... YARNALL, FRANCIS. Willistown.April 3, 1721. June 6, 1721. A. 124.To eldest son John, 150 acres of land which was part of Thos. Brasies tract, which he now lives on. To son Moses, the remainder of said tract being 127 acres. To son Joseph, the tract of land in Springfield, containing 120 3/4 acres paying to daughter Sarah 30. To daughter Sarah 20. To son Mordecai at 21, 100 acres of land. To son Daniel 60 at 21. Mentions having deeded land to sons Peter and Francis. To wife the place I now live on until son Amos is 21, when he shall inherit it. Executrix: wife, not named.Witnesses: Geo. Smedley, Philip Yarnall, Sarah Smedley.

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