Delaware County Historic Graveyards

DELAWARE COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA Survey with Maps of Historic Graveyards W.P.A. Project #48891936-37 [Transcription of carbon copy in Delaware County Historical Society, 2008] Registration and Mapping of Grave-markers in some of the Older Cemeteries and Graveyards of Delaware County, Pennsylvania. FOREWORD [1] The data shown in this volume has been compiled by W.P.A. Project No. 4889 in connection with an historical site survey of Delaware County, shown elsewhere. The purpose this part of that project has been to survey those graveyards in which the gravestone markings were rapidly becoming illegible due to weathering and other causes. Data shown in the text is the actual inscription on the stones today, less epitaphs, while the plans accompanying the text show the relative location of the graves, either identified with a marker or not. Naturally, unmarked graves were only found where identified by mounds, cultivation, or ornaments. The County has been divided into the original townships, an index being provided for this purpose. Townships are being considered here as divisions while boroughs and the City of Chester are shown under the Townships from which they became separated. A complete list, as far as is known, of past and present graveyards of Delaware County is also shown. Where an asterisk (*)[2 ] precedes a name, it denotes that no survey or plan was made. No efforts have been made to survey or plan Commercial, Jewish, or the larger Roman Catholic graveyards, due not only to lack of time available for the survey, but mainly because these three classifications do not embrace yards of any great age. In the text where brackets are showing, with name inserted, the name signifies the maiden name of the deceased. The same burial record also appears under the deceased’ marriage name. Occasional spaces have been left in the text so that future insertions may be made if so desired. Although every effort has been made to list all names alphabetically an exception is made in the case of monuments, shafts, or vaults, an which case names are shown as they appear on such monument reading from the top downward A survey and plan of the Cheney Family Burying Ground is placed in the Thornbury Township section. Although the graveyard is in Chester County it has become a part of this project due to the Cheyney family being associated for many years in Delaware County Only in a few cases have the listings been checked with published burial records, and when this has been done, the record clearly acknowledges the use of another’s work, and shows discrepancies where appearing (in each instance rechecked in the field), and separately lists the burials not evidenced by markers. It is to be hoped that this record of the efforts of the WPA personnel will be of great aid to the genealogist and that from this foundation, future efforts ensue to complete the survey by a search and check of all burials in each yard.

[1] Transcribed as originally written from the Forward in Vol.A of 3 bound volumes of carbon copies in collections of the Delaware County Historical Society. [2] Transcribers note: the asterisk has been removed from entries that were originally noted with one where surveys have been included.

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