New London and Kemblesville cemeteries

There are cemeteries that do not have a church affiliated with them.  Here is some info on a few in the New London and Kemblesville area.

The Finney family cemetery, also known as the Thunderhill cemetery, is located on private property off of State Road just east of New London. Excellent information is available online at the Chester County site including the tombstone inscriptions. 

 A very small AA cemetery referred to as Flatfoot Cemetery is not far from there.  It is located in a wooded area with no markings.  To locate it travel east from the village of New London on State Rd. Turn left onto Thunderhill Rd. The cemetery is located on the right, in the woods, perhaps 1/4 mile down Thunderhill Rd. There are two headstones that have names and other graves that have stones with no writing.   (Best to look in the winter when leaves prevent you from seeing the stones from the road.)

Going west (a couple of miles) from New London on State Rd you will find St John's Episcopal cemetery. It is easily located surrounded with a stone wall and a sign identifying the cemetery.  Originally there was log church in the 1700's. The stone foundation can be still be seen.  The church later moved a short distance to Kelton and now is an AA church.(unknown  denomination. )
An elderly local man takes care of the cemetery upkeep.  The only known address to contact is: The Church Foundation, 240 S. 4th St, Philadelphia, PA 19106. ( there are many stones that are still legible.)

The New London Presbyterian Church and New London Methodist churches also have cemeteries.

 South of New London is the town of Kemblesville. There is a
Methodist church with a cemetery.  (unknown first  interment  but I
 do know the church originally was Presbyterian and sold to the Methodists  for $1.)    The original church building burned 25 -30 years ago but  rebuilt.

Another small cemetery is outside of Kemblesville (unknown exact location, but the building later became Mt. Olivet school).

New London Cemeteries;

Thunder Hill / Finney Family (assoc'd with New London Presbyterian), State
Rd. and Newark Rd. (Rte 896) [ADC 15th ed., Map 53, A2]

New London Presbyterian, Newark Rd (Rte 896) near Tudor Circle [ADC 15th ed., Map 53, B3]