Dunkers at Coventry

Dunkers at Coventry...

Prior to 1724, the few brethren (Dunkers) who lived in Coventry were not joined as a congregation, but in 1724 they organized themselves into a church. On November 7th they celebrated the "love feast" for the first time, with 8 communicants. Their name were Daniel Eiker and his wife, Henry Landis and wife, Peter Herffley, Martin Urner Sr, Owen Longacre and Andrew Sell. Martin Urner was their first minister, and in 1729 formally ordained. He served the church till his death in 1755, at which time he was succeeded by his nephew, another Martin Urner. At this time they had no public place of worship, but met in rotation at private homes. There were 22 families, of whom 40 persons had been baptized; Martin Urner and wife, Peter Reinhard, Owen Reinhart, Henry Dasker and wife, Nicholas Hardwick and wife, Abraham Grub and wife, Christian Monsieur, Barbara Miller, Barbara Welty, Frederick Reinhart and wife, Barbara Urner, Elizabeth Ingles, Catharine Grumbacker, Catharine Boch, John Eiker, Jacob Pfauts and wife, Abraham Boch, Andrew Woolf, Esther Switzer, Wendle Danfelser, Henry Bear and wife, Jacob Sweitser and wife, Maud Reinhart, Jacob Light and wife, Philip Waggoner and wife, Eliz. Holderman, Anthony Bernhard and daughter, John Light and wife.

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