The Reformed Congregation of Vincent Township built their first church in May of 1758, and it was consecrated by the Rev. Philip Leidick. In the old graveyard attached to the church are buried nearly all of the early members of the church, several generations of the settlers of that vicinity. Benjamin Boyers, born in 1737 and died 1780, is said to be the first. Other early burials are indicated by the dates on the headstones.

Peter  Defrahn, 1733-1782, aged 49
Thomas Snider 1716-1782 aged 66
George Yeager 1718-1790 aged 72
John Olwine 1734-1791  aged 57
Peter Yeager 1765-1811 aged 46
Peter Shunk (uncle of Governor) 1756-1814 aged 58
Henry Hipple 1759-1843  aged 84
John Hoffman 1745-1813 aged 70
Michael Saiffer 1724-1802 aged 78
John Labach 1728-1808  80