Confiscated Estates

"On Aug 1, 1799, Thomas Levis and John Hannum, Agents, gave public notice that they would, on Saturday 4th day of September, next, sell at Public Venue, at the Court house in Chester, the estate of Joseph Galloway, Nathaniel Vernon, Gideon VErnon, David Dawson, Richard Swanick, Wm. Haddock, Alexander Bartram, Curtis Lewis, Philip Marchinton and Joshua Proctor, late of the County of Chester, attained Traitors of the United Colonies."

A bit of researching found that Alexander Bartram, one of the above "traitors" took part with the British during the Revolution, and left the colonies with the English army.  By the above order of the Council, he was declared a traitor and his estates confiscated.  He died in Nova Scotia.  His wife, childless, retired to Newtown, Bucks Co, and died there in 1816.

Alexander's brother, George, was a Whig and took the part of the colonies, during the Revolution.

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