Chester County Map with Townships

Townships and Boroughs

 Aston now part of Delaware Co..organized in 1687.

Bethel  Now part of Delaware appears as early as 1683

Bensalem  the name appears in 1704, near the forks of Brandywine, and in 1708 a tract of land west of the present Unionville was described as in that township.It was later absorbed by the townships of Bradford and East Marlborough.

Birmingham  surveyed ca 1684 and organized as a municipal district in 1686.  In 1789 the greater part of the original township fell into Delaware co, and each division tereafter bore the name of Birmingham twp in each county.

Bradford  organized ca 1705

Brandywine  erected from the northern part of East Caln in 1790.  divided into East and West Brandywine in 1844.  In 1853 a small part of the southern end of West Brandywine was taken to form Valley twp.

Caln   originally included the area now of Caln, east and West Caln, East and West  Brandywine, part of Valley twp,  the borough of Downingtown and that part of Coatesville lying east of the west branch of Brandwine.

Charlestown  named in honor of Charles Pickering, of Asmore..established as a twp ca 1715

Chester    probably the first named of the townships in the county, but now part of Del. co...first tax assessment was in 1715.

Chichester  this name ws given to Marcus Hook in in Del Co

Coatesville incorporated by the court in 1867, taken wholly from Valley twp and si situated in the Great Valley.

Concord, the first  assessment was in 1715

Conestoga...first mentioned assessment was in 1718

North, South and East Coventry   the first list of settlers is in 1718 and covered the northern parta of the county, but in 1720 an attempt was made to divide the district between Coventry and Nantmeal into the district of Schoolkill.

Darby     first assessment was in 1715

Donegal  organized in 1723 from a part of Conestoga.  It is now part of Lancaster Co.

Downingtown  incorporated in 1859, from 760 acres taken from East Caln.

Easttown..established in was included in the original survey made for the Welsh, and was settled by them

Edgmont  first assessment was in 1715 - now part of Delaware Co

Fagg's Manor  an original tract of about 5000 acres, owned by Leticia, the sister of Wm.Penn...there were many surveys of this whole area with disagreements about who owned land there, and in regard to the township lines

East and West Fallowfield  named in honor of Lanelot Fallowfield, one of the first purchasers of land from Wm. Penn...the first assessment was in 1718, with only 3 names..  There was much disagreement about the boundaries, and the final division was in 1853, when the eastern portion was then called Highland, interceding between East and West Fallowfields.

Franklin  formed in 1852 from the SE part of New London twp

East and West Goshen     Goshen was included in the original survey for the Welsh, and organized as a township in 1704. 1715

Highland 1853 from the division of West Fallowfield

Hilltown 1703

Honeybrook  1789, formed from the western part of West Nantmeal

Hopewell Borough  incorporated in 1853, the territory being taken from Lower Oxfore and East Nottingham

Kennet  first mentioned in court records in 1705.  originally included all of Pennsbury and a part of Pocopson.

Kennet Square  formed from the township of Kennet, incorporated in 1855.

London Britain  much of this township was included in the survey made for the London Company...the  earliest inhabitants were in 1700

Londonderry separated from Nottingham in 1734, and then included the territory from Londongrove to the Octorara.  In 1754, Oxford twp was taken from its western side, and in 1819 the southern part divided into Penn.

Londongrove  organize in 1723...earlier part of the London Company land.

East and West Marlborough  The eastern portion was laid out about 1700 and organized as a township ca 1704.  In 1728 there was a division of the twp, creating West Marlborough

Marple  first taxed in 1715, but now part of Delaware Co

Middletown  1715, now in Delaware Co

Nantmeal there was a survey in 1717-19, showing  Welsh settlers living there prior to 1720 the settlement was assessed with the district of Schuylkill.  The name Nantmel first appears in 1722.  In 1739 the citizens of the 2 ends chose to divide the twp into East and West Nantmeal

New Garden  included in the survey made in 1700

Newlin   this land was originally granted by Wm.Penn in 1681, and the survey done in 1688

New London first appears on a 1704 survey

Nottingham settlement begun in 1701

Oxford  the division from Londonderry was made in 1754.

 Oxford Borough incorporated in 1833, taken from Lower Oxfore and East Nottingham

Parkesburg  this borough was incorporated in 1872

Penn formed by a division of Londonderry in 1817

Pennsbury formed from the eastern part of Kennet in 1770, and comprised the earliest sesttled part of the twp.

Pequea  first mentioned as a separate district in 1720

Phoenixville  this borough ws incorporated in 1849, andn enlarged in 1874.

East and West Pikeland  Pikeland was granted to Joseph Pike by Wm PEnn in 1703, and included the land of both East and West Pikeland

Pocopson  formed in 1849 from parts of Pennsbury, East Marlborough, Newlin, and West Bradford.

Providence     there were originally 2 twps of this name and designated as Upper and Lower, or Nether Providence.  There was a tax assessment in 1715, but the area became part of Del. Co in 1789

Radnor  1715 now part of Del. co

Ridley  first assessment in 1715- now part of Del Co

Sadsbury  the name occurs ca 1708. but not organized as a twp till 1717.  There was a division into East and West Sadsbury in 1728

Schuylkill  formed from Charlestown in 1826

Spring City  taken from the eastern part of East Vincent twp and incorporated in 1867

Springfield first assessed in 1715, andnow part of Delaware co

Thornbury organized in 1687.  This township, along with Birmingham and Westtown, are the only twps within the present limits of Chester co, which were organized before 1704.

Tredyffrin  situated in the Great Valley and settled by the Welsh.  the assessment of 1722 spelled the name Tre:yr:Dyffryn, but the organization of the township was prior to 1707.

Turpenhockin, ca 1725 - became part of Lancaster Co in 1729 and Berks co in 1752.

Uwchlan and Upper Uwchlan  the name in Welsh means upland or higher than or above the valley.  These twps were principally settled by the Welsh around 1712

Valley formed in 1852 from parts of West Caln, west Brandywine, East Caln and Sadsbury.

Wallace formed in 1852 by a division of West Nantmeal

Warwick formed by the division of EAst Nantmeal in 1842 and received its name from the Warwick Iron Works.

West Chester, county seat...first note of the borough was in 1760, when it was a crossroads of the roads to both Philadelphia to the East and Wilmington to the south.

Westtown  probably so named from its location relative to Easttown.. .probably laid out as early as 1685, although it's boundaries were not then defined.

East Whiteland and West Whiteland   the twp of Whiteland was organized about 1704, and is among the oldest in the county....originally part of the Welsh was divided into East and West in 1743.

Willistown organized as a twp in 1704.

Malvern  developed because of and at the site of the junction of the West Chester Branch Railroad and the PA Railroad, ca 1866.

East and West Vincent  the land was first conveyed in 1704.  The twp was divided into East and West in 1832.