Whisky Insurrection

In 1791-94 the Whisky Insurrection took place in the SW counties of Pennsylvania, in opposition of Congressional Law that laid a tax upon all distilled spirits. In order to put down the insurrection, the President, in 1794 called out a large body of troops and had them march to the seat of the disturbances. The insurrection came to an end, and the army, which had arrived in November, met with no opposition and no blood was shed. In the spring, all the military were entirely withdrawn and business resumed. The following are some of the troops from Chester County, who served in the insurrection, and where they were from.

Capt. Aron Musgrave's Company Artillerymen, Chester County Brigade of the PA Militia

Capt. John Parker's Company, Lt. Col John Harris' Detachment of Militia

Capt. McClellan's Company of Light Dragoons  (Oct. 14, 1794)

Capt. Wersler's Company in Lt. Col Jno Harris' Company  1749 (company election returns)

Voters in Capt. Sterrett's Company

Voters in Capt. Weston's Company

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