The following are names located on a map of the township of Edgmont, showing the early grants and patents;  from (EDGMONT - THE STORY OF A TOWNSHIP, by Carter)
Joseph Baker
John Bristow
Thomas Worrilow
John Wood
William Lewis
John Worrilow
William Smith, Thomas Pascal and Henry Flower
Robert Pennell
Roger Jackson
Mary, Hannah and Sarah Baker
John Broomall
Samuel Bishop
Thomas Powel
Randal Vernon
Charles Whitacre
Sarah Dole
Richard Adams
Francis Cooke
Thomas Cross
Thomas Duckett
Barnabas Willcox
Ralph Lewis
Philip Yarnall
George Maris
Henry Maddock and James Kennerly
Moses Musgrave
John Holston
William Gregory
John Gregory
John Hicken
Nathan. Evans
David Evan
Thomas Boweter
Charles Thomas
John Fox
Henry Burns
John Kingsman
Samuel Bradshaw
John Bowne
John Bowne jr
Edward Pritchet
Richard Pritchet
David Register
Daniel Calvert
Daniel Smith
George Chandler
Thomas Halie
Joseph Carter
Jacob Taylor
William Willis
Henry Howard