This is a newspaper article from Chester Co newspaper


    "now Elisha must have been a joy to know.  One historian says "he was a good fiddler and although Quaker he delighted in getting boys and girls from the surrounding country to gather at the mill in the evening to dance."  He was in the habit of going on sea voyages in a small boat which he had named the 'Dusty Miller'  and he used the boat to carry his flour to market.  It had a record as a fast sailer and used to win most of the race she entered. The History of Delaware County records an interesting story concerning him.
    "Elisha Phipps was a strange, erratic character, moved by the impulse of the hour.   It is related that the mill being located at the head of the tide'water, which was customary in those days, he conveyed his flour to market by a shallop and returning would bring a cargo of grain.
    On one occasion he headed his little craft with flour and sailed for New York.  Time elapsed and as no word came from Elisha, his wife became anxious and finally went to New York in search of her husband.  There she could learn nothing save that he had not been to see the persons with whom he had been accustomed to trade.  Finally she returned to her home disconsolate, fully convinced her husband had been lost on the trip to NY.  Time passed and no word from the absent Phipps.    It was nearly dusk one evening when the "good wife" saw the Dusty Miller coming up Muckinipates Creek with the flood tide.  Shortly after the craft was moored at its accustomed wharf, Phipps entered the house and in his  usual manner tossed his hat on the table, as if his absence had been no unusual event in his daily life, and asked "Supper ready, Mom?" 
    It seems that after the "Miller " had passed out of the capes of the Delaware, Phipps on a sudden impulse decided to sail for the West Indies, where selling his flour at a large profit, he shipped a quality of rum and molasses for New York.  At the latter port he sold the cargo, purchased grain and finally sailed for home!"